Grand Master G Young BSc (Honours) Sports, Fitness and Coaching

Master G Young has been dedicated to Tang Soo do since 1991. He has studied the martial art and has dedicated himself to it and reasearching the history and traditions of Tang Soo Do.

Master G Young is always looking to perfect the art and the body by studying Holistics.

Past Achievments


  • 2 podium placing World Championship Teams IMA

  • Former European Tournament Director IMA

  • Former Chief Instructor (Wales) IMA

  • Former World Championship Preperation Board Member IMA

  • Diploma Hypnotherapy

  • Diploma Sports Psychology

  • Diploma Sports Nutrition

  • Diploma Reflexology

  • Diploma Indian Head Massage

  • Diploma Holistic Massage

  • Diploma Holistic Pain Management

  • Diploma Acupressure

  • Higher International Diploma Holistic Therapies

  • BSc Sport Fitness and Coaching (Open University)

  • Level 2 Kayak Coach (British Canoeing)

  • Mountain Leader (British Mountaineering Council)

  • Level 1 Archery Leader (UK Archery)

  • Covid Safe Instructor (MAIA)

Grading Achievments


  • 1st Dan                          26/11/1995         WMDKTSD        

  • 2nd Dan                        1/12/1998           WMDKTSD

  • 3rd Dan                         12/01/2002        IMAA

  • 4th Dan                         01/06/2006       IMAA

  • Masters                         01/06/2006       IMAA

  • Formed Association    21/04/2011        HTSDA

  • 5th Dan                         26/06/2011        WTU

  • 6th Dan                         19/06/2016        BMABA

  • Kwang Jang Nim         03/08/2019        Student Body  of the HTSDA

  • 7th Dan.                        26/10/2021        BMABA

Future Goals


Master G Young would also like to make Tang Soo Do available to all ages and abilities and making it accessible to disabled people whilst still keeping  to the traditional style and and values, allowing all the students to maintain respect, discipline, physical activity and have a safe environment to live, work and play in.